A Message from Kemisa

12.18.2017 / Education, Leadership, Skating, Support

Dear Friends:

Ten years ago, my mother enrolled me in Figure Skating in Harlem (FSH) as a shy young seven year-old girl. You could say I was raised on the ice! What I learned was to work hard toward a goal and make sacrifices because success does not come without sacrifice. That’s why I’m so proud of my accomplishments with the help of Figure Skating in Harlem. 

On the average day, I go to school, yearbook meetings, and senior officer meetings. I take college courses at Baruch and skate late nights and early Sunday mornings with my competitive synchronized skating team. We just got back from a competition and as the only team of color in the country, let me tell you we are fierce. I go on to finish my homework and toil over college applications to NYU, Syracuse and Sarah Lawrence. The staff at FSH and my teammates have taught me to aim high, to never give up, and to be fearless.

All I need to be happy are skates and a soundtrack. Figure skating makes me feel beautiful but more importantly, the opportunity to skate with Figure Skating in Harlem makes me feel loved. I am with my own community and together we are growing into the leaders of tomorrow.

Please support this amazing organization that believes in me and all my sisters. I wouldn’t be who I am without Figure Skating in Harlem. Every gift gives hundreds of girls just like me this remarkable opportunity to grow and soar!


Kemisa Doumbia, FSH class of 2018




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