06.26.2018 / Leadership, Skating, Support

Young Professionals Board Hits the Mark!

Figure Skating in Harlem’s (FSH) Young Professionals Board (YPB) is a dynamic group of 13 professionals who are passionate about girls’ empowerment, youth development and figure skating. Drawing on careers in fields such as finance, fashion & beauty, medicine and […]

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05.22.2018 / Education

Summer Study Tips!

The sun will come out eventually . . . but until then, it’s natural want to help the young ones fight summer brain drain, or summer learning loss, as it’s […]

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02.28.2018 / Education, Support

International Women’s Day: #WomenForward

Figure Skating in Harlem is a proud member of the WomenForward Coalition, a group of 18 organizations that have come together with the PIMCO Foundation to benefit the lives of […]

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11.22.2017 / Uncategorized

FRED Forum Builds Leadership & Development

Figure Skating in Harlem was selected for a site visit by the FRED Forum, a cross-sector group of exemplary leaders who embrace their obligation to identify, encourage and develop emerging leaders. […]

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10.18.2017 / Uncategorized

Event Builds Confidence & Leadership in Girls

Figure Skating in Harlem’s 21st season is well underway as our FSH girls joined Olympic Champions, Meryl Davis and Charlie White to open the rink at Rockefeller Center on Tuesday, October 10th. Our girls were beaming with joy […]

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08.23.2017 / Education, Leadership

Alumna Inspires Summer Dreams Students

Alumna, Kayla Stewart, who spent 12 years at FSH, is a 2017 graduate of Spelman College where she majored in Economics (with a minor in Management Organization) This summer she […]

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06.22.2017 / Education, Leadership, Skating

5 Reasons Why Your Child Should Join a Summer Camp!

A summer camp can be one of the most rewarding unforgettable experiences in a child’s life. Without the pressures of school, children can thrive and continue to hone their academic […]

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