Harlem Ice Synchronized Skating

I Can Excel (ICE)


I Can Excel (ICE) FSH’s premiere after-school program that improves student academics, encourages active lifestyles, and strengthens leadership skills in girls ages 6-18.

Summer Dreams Camp


Students enjoy a daily variety of academic enrichment classes and cultural trips followed by skating instruction, participating in a total of 35 hours per week.

Synchronized Skating


Figure Skating in Harlem introduced Harlem Ice Synchronized Skating in 2006 to help students perfect new skills on the ice and continue to learn invaluable lessons in leadership & teamwork.


Figure Skating in Harlem introduced synchronized skating in 2006 to help students perfect new skills on the ice and continue to learn invaluable lessons in leadership and teamwork.

More than 40 students ranging in age from 7 to 18 years make up our three Harlem Ice synchronized skating teams.

Students audition each season for a coveted spot on the teams. These girls represent some of FSH’s most dedicated who practice additional hours on and off the ice each week and compete at least twice per year up and down the eastern seaboard. We provide team skating costumes, music and choreography for our medal winning teams.

All students who travel to off-site skating competitions must maintain a B+ average in school.

Student’s interested in audition for the 2019-2020 teams must contact our Program staff.

"It has been six years since I was that scared, trembling girl who laced up her skates for the first time … I have found strength, sisterhood, and community. I have found confidence, fearlessness and the knowledge that I can do anything I put my mind to, even if I am nervous at first.”


Harlem Ice Synchronized Skating Teams

Synchro Skills 1
Synchro Skills 2
Open Juvenile

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Inspired by the Open Juvenile team’s bronze and silver medal success in 2010-2011, FSH added a second team in 2012. They made their debut at the Lee Ann Miele Synchro Open and won a gold medal.